In January of this year, Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield filed a motion that attacks TNC (transportation network company, ie Uber, Lyft) drivers ability to earn a living income as taxi drivers by banning the decades old right to display rooftop advertising on taxis. The motion specifically targets new digital rooftop advertising displays that offer us a much needed boost in income, on average $300 per month, as well as the ability to offer improved services like free Wifi at not additional cost to us drivers.

Taxi top advertising has nothing to do with the street billboard trucks and parked billboards that are outlawed. The City regulations that Council member Blumenfield claims are the reason for banning all rooftop ads on taxis have nothing to do with taxis, and do not apply to us as our primary purpose will never be advertising. The only impact that digital taxi rooftop advertising would have on the City is that it would boost the income of taxi drivers like us without raising fares on our riders.

We are urge the City Council to reject the Blumenfield motion to repeal our right to earn money with rooftop advertising. #LetDriversEarnALiving

Reasons to Support #LetDriversEarnALiving:
Economic fairness between TNC drivers and taxi drivers
Dynamic innovation opportunity for the rideshare economy
* Support growth in Los Angeles in making it smarter and more sustainable

What you can do:
* Share, tweet, and take a picture of your favorite rideshare/taxi driver
* Talk about supporting drivers with your friends, co-workers, and family
* Write a letter/email of driver support to your City Councilperson

Address: 488, 8th Street, San Francisco CA